No Charges for Husband who Shoots "Other Man"

UPDATED 3pm by Julie Montanaro

Carl Ray's attorney says he testified before the grand jury this morning and described what happened the night he shot another man at his home.

The grand jury issued a no true bill in the case, which means Ray will not be prosecuted for it.

Attorney Don Pumphrey says Ray could have faced 25 years for the shooting, but now, he says "he has an opportunity to salvage his family and they have a chance to go on with their lives."

The Rays have been married for more than 20 years.
A Tallahassee man facing attempted murder charges for shooting a man he found in bed with his wife, will not be prosecuted for it.

A Leon County grand jury today issued a no true bill for 45 year old Carl Ray.

Ray was arrested back on May 6. Deputies say he came home to find 47 year old Michael Money in bed with his wife and wound up shooting Money in the arm.

The state attorney's office presented the facts of the case to a grand jury Tuesday morning, and jurors decided Ray should not be prosecuted.

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