95210: Health by the Numbers

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TALLAHASSEE -- May 24, 2012 -

David Huang, M.D., a Tallahassee pulmonologist in private practice and director of a local sleep diagnostic center, kicks off the first in a series of monthly awareness campaigns for Health by the Numbers: 95210, which is a community initiative.

The 95210 community partners are focused on letting our community know how important it is for children to get nine hours of sleep each night. According to Dr. Huang, “Adequate sleep is fundamental to other areas of health, it is also a largely overlooked component of a healthy lifestyle. While most adults need anywhere from 7.5 - 8 hours of sleep each night, children and teenagers need at least 9 hours. Unfortunately, on average, our children and teens are not getting anywhere near that amount of rest. It is estimated that only 20 percent of our nation’s adolescents get the recommended 9 hours of sleep each night.”

Dr. Huang will be joined by a person who has found it difficult to sleep and who found methods to help. He will also share tips finding the solutions to sleeping issues.

95210 is a community wide strategy for promoting life-long healthy habits. With simple health messages behind each number, 95210 communicates key behaviors that promote healthy weight and overall good health. 95210 makes it easy to remember some of the most important steps families, community organizations and workplaces can take to promote healthy living.

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