Charley Loans

Tom Gallagher says he'll bring the idea to Florida Cabinet members next week.

Under Gallagher's plan, homeowners in 12 counties would not have to pay their insurance premiums and companies could not cancel those policies for 60 days.

He's also asking banks to increase credit lines, reduce late fees on loans, allow customers to skip a credit card or loan payment and eliminate ATM fees for storm victims.

Gallagher says people in hurricane-damaged areas have gone through so much; they should not have to worry about those financial concerns while they're still struggling to get back on their feet.

Gallagher is also issuing a warning about an e-mail scam. He says some scammers are sending e-mails that look like they're from a bank.

The messages ask for your personal information to ensure the security of your account. Gallagher says don't be fooled by such attempts to steal your identity.