Homebuyers Class

The housing market remains strong in our area, but for many folks buying a home can be a confusing and difficult process. Despite low interest rates, some folks have missed out on the south Georgia housing boom during the past few years. That's why Valdosta's Project Change is holding financial classes to help inform and improve local communities.

Sandra Hunter, a Project Change board member, said, "It’s very important because we want to rebuild our community. As people take that first step in home ownership, they need to be educated consumers and what we're doing at this workshop is educating individuals on the process of buying a home."

During the daylong workshops, students learn about everything from loans to credit reports.

"It’s a lot of things you know about, but no one has taught you about, so it’s the general information about credit reports, what it is, and how to get it, and finding out that its not as overwhelming as most people think," added Pamela Westberry, a credit and collection expert.

Organizers say this kind of program makes a real difference in people's confidence when it comes to making home purchases.

Hunter added, "From past participants who've called us and followed up about helping them, I think they've gotten excited and feel good about the education because we're not only looking at you buying a home, we're just looking at establishing good spending habits."

They’re habits which organizers say help stabilize a family's finances, but also helps strengthen communities for the long term. The classes will take place the third Saturday of every month.

For more information, please call Project Change at 229-245-3872.