Caribbean Festival

Rain may have dampened the Caribbean Festival, but it didn't drown the flavor. While the sun was shining Saturday, crowds packed into Kleman Plaza for a taste of food, fun and music.

Music pumped through the streets of Tallahassee despite weather warnings that rain was on the way. Some vendors came back after Friday night's torrential downpour, hoping to recoup some of their losses.

"Every year they raise the price and we're not making no money. We just come out even last year and this year now we're going to lose. Man, it's a shame,” said vendor Coconut Joe.

Vendor Renysia James added, "We usually sell out every year. It's pretty good but yesterday it just fell right through.”

In the morning as the vendors dried out it was back to business. Residents came out decked in their favorite Caribbean wear ready for a little of everything. Food vendors sold jerk chicken, plantains and curry goat to even polish sausage and grilled chicken.

"We have a lot of vendors. We got people from Toronto, Detroit, all over the islands, so it's looking good this year," said Kasimu Henry, this year’s event coordinator.

At one stand you could buy products from dozens of Caribbean nations, even umbrellas that may have been selling fast. Even with the rain, residents say it remains one of their favorite Tallahassee events.