Early Voting

The doors to the Leon County Courthouse opened to voters on a Sunday for the first time in history because a new law passed by the legislature makes sure voters have ample time to make their vote counts this year.

It's that time of year; hundreds are doing it and candidates are reaping the benefits. Early voting is in full speed in Florida.

“This is convenient, just leaving church and can stop by and take care of our civic duty,” said Judge Augustus Aikens, Chairman of the Candidacy Board.

It’s a civic duty that's catching on in Leon County, especially with the polls opening 15 days before the primary election and weekend voting.

Heather Hinst, with Elections Outreach added, “We had a new law change that requires eight hours of early voting on weekends, so chose this Sunday and the second Saturday.”

For Renee Llewellyn, this is her 12th year at the county and additional voting days helped launched her into a new role, manning the voting machine.

“I really love everyone I work with, it's fun it's exciting and I really enjoy it,” said Llewellyn, a records clerk.

While some folks are engaging in this year's political process because of interest and ease, others are simply following order.

Early voter Bill Wilde said, “My wife came and she always tells me what to do, and I do it.”

Whatever the reason, more voters are heading to the polls early this year casting their ballot and making their vote count.

Early voting will be available at the Leon County Courthouse Monday through Friday until the primary on August 31. Voters can also cast their ballot next Saturday.