Women on a Mission

Members of an area church are reaching out to the needy families in the community, filling a void in the lives of the less fortunate in more ways than one.

Stacks of non-perishable foods are ready to be distributed to needy families in Pavo, Georgia thanks to Women on a Mission, a service group at Pavo Baptist Church. The food bank is just one way these women say they work diligently through Christ.

"Each person can bring a can and make a tremendous impact on hunger in the community,” said member Liz Beaty.

It’s a community that does not have a food bank for the needy to rely on. The closet food bank is in Thomasville.

Pastor Larry Harris added, “They can come here they don't have to go all they way and we'll try to provide them with what they need."

These women have also help families facing other burdens besides getting food on the table.

“If they need help with clothing, paying a light bill and telephone bill,” said member Molly James. James says lending a hand to those in need is apart of a personal goal of their own.

"I have been in this type of program since I was a child."

But ultimately, the journey for these women on a mission is about fulfilling their Christian duties.

"My prayers are it makes people that we help feel good that they know we're helping not out of pity but out of love," said Beaty.

It’s out of love and out of the kindness of their hearts. Women on a Mission collect non-perishable foods every third Sunday at Pavo Baptist Church. The group also delivers some of the goods to the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and other organizations that may be in need.