"No Contest"

Former Monticello Police OFC Larry Bates, Jr., who faces four felony charges, entered a no contest plea in a Jefferson County court room.

In February of this year, police say an informant complained to a Monticello deputy he had been supplying Bates with crack cocaine for a number of months.

Authorities launched an internal investigation, which revealed Bates also received crack cocaine under false pretense from the Perry, Florida Police Department.

Bates has opted not to go to trial to face those charges.

Sean Desmond says, "It's a hard thing to go through, especially when he's facing four separate counts, so he decided in this case it would be best suited if he would go before the judge."

It's now up to the judge to determine Bates' sentence.

Frank Allman says, "The judge has the full range of house arrest to probation to treatment options, whatever the courts want to impose, so it really does give the judge a free hand to do what he feels is right.”

Bates' attorney is hoping that would mean no jail time.

Sean Desmond adds, "Getting him treatment is more important instead of throwing him in a jail cell and letting it get worse. Hopefully we won't see him incarcerated. Sounds to me the judge will put him in some type of treatment facility."