Making History

A vault protects more than 100 years of rich Lowndes County history, but time is not a friend to the old pages, and county leaders say that's not the only reason to transfer the records to a digital format.

Paige Dukes, Lowndes County spokesperson, says, "The problem with it is hand writing has changed over the years and handwriting is very difficult to read, as well as the books themselves holding up day after day as people use them."

Local history buffs say they are thrilled the old records will be saved and easily accessible on a computer.

Donald Davis of the Lowndes County Historical Society says, "It's as we say, continues to teach the present and it's a lesson in making your community work. You learn from all these records about the dynamic of the community and we're pleased they are digitizing these and giving us a copy."

County leaders say this preservation project came at an extremely low cost.

Dukes adds, "We imaged 1894 through 2000 at a cost of $5,000, so when you look at what it costs per year to maintain records, this is a very cost effective way for us to maintain the records and make them readily available to the public.”

It’s a bargain that will be used for many years to come.