Evans’ Jury Selection

The man accused of gunning down a Tallahassee police officer is now on trial. Jury selection began Monday morning in the trial of Coy Evans.

After more than nine hours of questioning potential jurors in this case, not one has been selected yet.

Two years ago, thousands of people lined the streets of Tallahassee to say farewell to Tallahassee Police SGT Dale Green, shot and killed while responding to a robbery call on November 13, 2002.

Now, Coy Evans, the man accused of killing Green, is on trial for murder, robbery and more.

Thomas Bateman, Leon Circuit Judge, said, "The indictment reads state of Florida versus Coy Evans. Upon their oaths present that Coy J. Evans, on the thirteenth day of November 2002 in the county of Leon in the state of Florida, did unlawfully kill a human being, Tallahassee Police Officer Dale Green."

Seating a fair and impartial jury may be a tall order in this high profile case.

When asked, “If you know anything about this case by rumor, by personal knowledge or discussion, raise your hand," 41 of the first 50 potential jurors raised their hands. Each one was then questioned behind closed doors, a painstaking inquiry that took hours.

When the judge finally called it a day, 29 potential jurors remained. They'll begin questioning another 50 Tuesday.