Underaged Drinking Arrests

SGT Dave Ferrell with Tallahassee Police says, "The first weekend out, they are not in class, they have a little time on their hands. It's a big party weekend, we knew that. That's why we were out."

Tallahassee Police SGT Dave Ferrell says 45 underage drinkers were arrested over the weekend during a sting operation, which focused on local bars, convenience stores and open house parties.

Danny West of Mike's Beer Barn says, "I think we did 20 kegs per night, and that was just from 7:00 at night till two in the morning."

Danny West, a manager with Mike's Beer Barn, says he makes it a habit to check IDs and if a large group walks in he has no problem checking everyone in the group.

Danny adds, "That's often a tell-tale sign, that someone in the group is 21, because if you're older than 21 you have a tendency to get the keg by yourself and it's not a big deal and you're not particularly worried about it."

SGT Ferrell says the purpose for these undercover operations is to prevent alcohol related injuries.

Dave adds, "For example, Saturday night we worked a very bad traffic accident on Apalachee Parkway that we think is going to be alcohol related. I had to hold a young lady's broken leg before paramedics got there."

This weekend's operation is the first of similar operations planned for the fall. Most of those arrested this weekend were given a date to appear in court and released.