School Security/Voting Polls

Safety first is their motto when it comes to this year's primary election.

That's the message Leon County officials are sharing today as they unveil a security plan for public schools involved in the voting process.

It's a snapshot of what's to come on Election Day. Sheriff's deputies, elections officials and principals all joining together to ensure a safe swift voting process.

The Principal at Gilchrist Elementary School says, “We're excited to join with the community. It says a lot to have a precinct here at our school.”

But with his excitement comes concern. Principal Crowe wants to keep his students safe when hundreds of voters flood through the doors.

The same holds true at seven other public schools in Leon County, all of which will transform into voting precincts August 31.

Peggy Youngblood, Principal at Roberts Elementary School says, “Ours will be in the media center. Voters can come in one door and come out the same door,” enabling the students at Roberts Elementary to continue their school work without disruptions.

Tack on extra law enforcement, and officials hope all involved will feel a great sense of security on Election Day.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office will provide one additional deputy at each precinct.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on August 31.