Poll Worker Training

Behind the scenes, poll workers are the ones who make Leon County elections work as smoothly as possible, and it takes a lot more than meets the eye.

There are almost 1,000 poll workers in Tallahassee, proving not all Americans are apathetic about voting.

Samuel Rowley, a poll worker, says, "I believe it's a good civic duty. I believe every American should vote or be a poll worker."

Poll workers don't just show up for work on election day, they go through hours of training to learn how to make sure each vote counts. Training them is not a simple feat.

Jackie Bigoney, Elections Supervisor, says, "It’s a three-week process because we have to train them depending on the position they have."

In Leon County, something is being done right when it comes to poll workers.

"Because of our poll workers, we stay number one. It’s because of them and their dedication," says Jackie.

If you are interested in becoming a poll worker, the pay ranges from $6 an hour on up. You must be a registered voter in Leon County.