Children Found in Locked Car

Two mothers go on a frantic search for their two missing children. They find them, but inside a locked car on a very hot summer day.

It was mid-afternoon when the two, two-year-old children were found in a Pontiac Grand AM. They were rushed to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. They were extremely hot and were not responding.

SGT Kenneth Ganey of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, said, "One parent thought their child was at the others, and vice versa. They came out looking and couldn't find the children.”

Emergency crews say both mothers are lucky the children were still alive. Mike Desouza with Leon County EMS said, “It can be fatal, especially if the children were found in the car an hour later. It could be 95 outside, but 110 in the car."

The two girls are reportedly doing ok at TMH. At this point no charges are being filed.