Sopchoppy Opry

There's a whole lot of shake, rattle and rolling going on in Sopchoppy, Florida. That's where you'll find the Sopchoppy Opry, a production that's raising money for a good cause, one note at a time.

Katie Miller is a woman of many talents. By day she's quizzing students on famous English literature, but when Mrs. Miller isn't calling on students, she's whaling out tunes, preparing for her night in the spotlight.

Katie Miller says, “We're kind of a comic relief and we dance and mix in with the band as they're playing.”

Miller and dozens of others perform once a month on the stage in the Sopchoppy Opry. The musical and theatrical production was created inside the historic high school four years ago, a school that's in desperate need of repairs.

Robert Golden, Principal, says, “In most towns the school is center focus of a community, which it has been in Sopchoppy.”

The old school dates back to the early 1900s and its creaky, weathered facade is showing its age. Rotted floors and run-down rooms is the driving force behind the Opry and is why the tickets are selling like hotcakes. It's also why Mrs. Miller continues to hit her high notes to raise money for future renovations, and most importantly, for the love of their school.

Just this week the Opry donated $50,000 of its proceeds to help renovate the historic school. If you want to catch a show, the Sopchoppy Opry is open to the public the last Saturday in every month except December.