Jury Selection Continues in Tallahassee Murder Trial

Attorneys are still forging ahead, trying to find a fair and impartial jury to hear that case.

Attorneys for Coy Evans had asked that this trial be moved due to extensive pre-trial publicity, but the quest continues to try to seat a jury in Tallahassee first.

Finding an impartial jury to hear the case against Coy Evans has not been easy; 83 of the first 100 potential jurors had heard about the case. The task then was to find out which men and women had not formed an opinion on Coy Evans’ guilt or innocence.

FSU law professor Steven Gey is confident attorneys can find 12 impartial jurors in Tallahassee despite all the pre-trial publicity.

Right now that does not seem likely, but attorneys are making progress. The day started with 57 potential jurors. By mid-afternoon it had been whittled down to 52 and the questioning continued in courtroom 3A.

Potential jurors were sent home for the night Wednesday. The jury in the Evans case should be seated around lunchtime Thursday and the trial could begin as early as Thursday afternoon.