Semi Truck Accident On I-75 Near Wild Adventures Exit- Update

Truck driver Robert Soto broke his wrist and several ribs Thursday evening after slamming into the semi-truck in front of him, with driver James Izzo behind the wheel.

Troopers say it happened when Soto looked away from the road to find his fallen cell phone.

But the accident, which backed up traffic last night for three miles, didn't end there.

A three-car wreck and two other accidents happened as a result of the back-up from the initial crash.

The chaos left traffic at a standstill for hours.
Updated 10:52pm

A semi truck driver is pried from the vehicle's cab after ramming into the back of another semi on I-75 earlier tonight.

Around 9 o'clock, The Georgia State Patrol and other rescue personnel responded to the accident that backed up southbound traffic on I-75 for at least three miles between exits 13 and 16 in Valdosta.

G-S-P says it received reports that a semi was driving erratically on the highway ... GSP says that same driver them slammed into another semi-truck that was stopped for construction.

Both drivers were alone in their cabs.

One was transported to South Georgia Medical Center, that driver's condition and identity are both unknown.

The other driver walked away.

GSP says three other accidents occurred on I-75 as a result of the semi truck accident.


Georgia State Patrol is on the scene of an accident involving two semi trucks southbound on I-75 near the Wild Adventures exit. (Exit 13)

They say traffic is backed up.

We have sent a reporter to the scene.

We will have more information when it becomes available.

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