Healthy Menus

We're seeing menus at fast food restaurants changing to encourage a more healthy lifestyle for Americans, and local schools are also following suit for its children, hoping to win the battle of the growing problem of childhood obesity.

What's on the lunch menu at schools now-a-days, and what are kids learning about good nutrition? It's no question what part of the day most children look forward to in school. Now, school systems are concentrating more what kids are eating.

The director of nutrition for Thomasville City Schools says childhood obesity has tripled in Georgia in the last few years and now Type 2 Diabetes is more prevalent among children.

Susan Woodham says, "Our children are now developing what used to be adult diabetes."

To control the epidemic, schools are now serving more fresh fruits and vegetables and baking instead of frying foods, all of which seems to be tickling taste buds at Scott Elementary.

Justin Turner loves the fruit and says, "Some have fruit juice in the cup. I just pick it up and drink it after I'm done."

Tianna Griffin also likes having more choices and says, "It gives us more choices in what kind of food we like instead of getting what we don't like and not eating it."

Children not only get more choices; their fiber, cholesterol and sodium are all monitored, but nutritionist say it's more than what a child eats that makes them healthy.

Susan Woodham, Director of Nutrition, says, "Nutrition is just one part of a healthy lifestyle. It follows the line of activities and staying active all your life."

These kids say learning to eat more nutritious sounds good to them.

"It keeps your brain moving strong so you get smart," adds Justin Turner.

Nutritionists hope it's a lesson that'll foster more healthy choices in the future. Nutrition programs are in place at all Thomasville City Schools, with different menus that fit the necessary calorie intake for each grade level.

School officials also look forward to having a wellness program in place in the future, which focuses on good nutrition and maintaining an active lifestyle.