Quincy Police Station

Quincy city officials are considering building a brand new police station. The current facility is housed in a historical building which is not only cramped, but is now posing a potential health threat to employees.

From the outside the Quincy Police Station looks like a picture perfect facility, but it's a different snapshot on the inside. There you'll see walls crumbling down like the Berlin Wall and mold growing inside various parts of the building.

Chief Gerald McSwain of the Quincy Police Department says, "We're not happy with these conditions, to add insult to injury we've got pieces of wall falling from the walls from time to time because of the molds and because of the building sweating and what have you."

In addition to those problems, adequate parking is a major issue, not to mention a cramped working space inside the 900 square foot facility. To alleviate all those problems, Quincy Mayor Derrick Elias has tentatively set aside $1 million in hopes of constructing a brand new police station.

"Right now we're going through our budget and everything seems to be a priority right now. My priority just happens to be the Police Department, whereas the other commissioners’ priority may be laying elsewhere, so it's just a matter of us prioritizing everything and coming up with the best plan," the mayor says.

Once the city's budget is completed the plan is to build the new facility using existing land. The property located off Pat Thomas Parkway is one of the two sites owned by the city and could be the new home of the police station, a station that could come into existence in the next two years.

More than 50 employees work in the current facility.