Down to Business

Each morning 13,000 students stand at bus stops across Leon County, ready to board buses bound for school, but come October, some of those stops could be moving.

Leon County isn't required to move a bus stop for all 300 plus offenders on FDLE's website.

For a stop to be moved, the offender must meet two requirements. The first is he or she must be on active supervision and must be convicted of an offense involving a victim under the age of 18.

Bill Montford, Superintendent of Leon County Schools, says, “There are many sexual offenders in this district, but few who meet certain requirements in district."

Statewide there are only about 30 who meet the requirements, and less than 10 reside in Leon County, yet critics argue the law will create chaos in school systems where bus stops are frequently relocated.

Still, some parents support it. Under the bills rules, after October 1 certain offenders cannot move within 1,000 feet of a bus stop.