In “Wheel” Trouble?

Getting behind the wheel is not as easy of a job as it used to be with more drivers complaining of aggressive drivers.

Paul Burris, Chairman of the Drive for Life campaign, says, "Vehicle safety seems to be a very important issue for 98 percent of folks out there, but people will still acknowledge they participate daily in careless driving habits."

The study uncovered some disturbing trends in driving, including the fact that more than 60 percent of parents speed while their children were in the back of the car, and officials say that creates problems with the next generation of drivers. It also uncovered the fact that 40 percent of all drivers drive aggressively when they are out and about.

Driver Chester McMahan says, "People are pretty aggressive toward other people. They have no respect for giving you lane changes, they're cutting you off in traffic. They'll see road construction and they won't let you get over. They always have to be the first person in line even if they'll have to do five miles per hour for 50 feet."

The experts say there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent yourself from becoming part of the aggressive or careless driving problem.

Burris adds, "Make sure you leave in plenty of time that you're not hollering at the kids when you get in the car. You're cool, calm and collected and you're paying full attention to your driving."