Give 'Em the Boot

There's a new city ordinance under consideration by the commission that deals with banning street solicitation.

Stewart Clendinen says, "This is a public safety issue. Over the years, we've received a lot of phone calls and complaints about people soliciting in the streets. We're a community policing agency and as such we respond to our citizens’ complaints."

If the ordinance is passed, then solicitation on the streets of Tallahassee will come to an end. That includes panhandling and boot drives.

Suzie Austin adds, "We're hoping there will be a compromise with permits and insurance instead of a complete ban on street solicitation."

The commission was supposed to vote on the ordinance during the last meeting, but decided to table the vote until September, which allows firefighters to get out this weekend.

Shane Hopkins says, "It's good that everyone could come to a resolution and give us a chance to do this. It's a good cause. We're happy to do it."

Stewart Clendinen adds, "We're responding to drivers’ fears and people’s safety."

Firefighters say they helped MDA raise thousands of local dollars and can only hope in the future, they don't get “the boot.”