Thomasville Home for Abused Children to Get Much Needed Makeover

For years the Vashti Center has provided refuge for children as young as five who directors say have been through terrible trauma.

Cathy Marchant, clinical director of the Vashti Center, says, "Our kids have suffered the worst kinds of abuse, things we've never experienced in our entire lifetimes."

Vashti employees say their children need extra comfort. Now that a $300,000 debt is behind them, they're putting all extra funds towards new furniture and amenities in their living quarters.

Currently the Vashti Center houses 30 children. After the two cottages are renovated, they'll have room for 52.

Ralph Comerford, CEO of the Vashti Center, says, "We're re-carpeting, we're painting walls, we're putting in new furniture, we're making an environment that grabs kids and hugs them."

Cathy adds, "We want for our children what anyone would want for their children, a comfortable place for them to express their individuality."

Vashti staff members say the time is now to bring in the new and replace the old sofas, beds and carpeting, and really make the children feel at home.

The Vashti Center is looking for donations from the public to help them meet their $150,000 goal. For more information, call 229-226-4634.