South Georgia Company Helping to Restore Power to Florida Neighbors

One forest products company in the Azalea City is doing their part to bring power back to the Sunshine State.

It's day number 13 with a running total of 5,000 plus and no signs of slowing down until Florida's need is met.

Jim Hickman, Technical Director, says, "We began loading trucks on Saturday the 14th and made our fist deliveries that day. Since that time we've averaged about 20 loads a day."

That’s 20 loads above and beyond their normal daily workload. Folks at Langdale Forest Products have been working around the clock, literally, to ship thousands of utility poles to powerless areas of Florida, a job that's required plenty of teamwork.

Hugh Rowe, Wood Preserving Sales Manager, says, "Sometimes when the truck was in route we would have to locate the truck and change the destination. That was a little challenging."

With a lot of dedication, sweat and manpower, Langdale is close to meeting the large need of their friends south of the border.

Hickman adds, "Probably about 95 percent of what we've had to do is already accomplished."

Even though thousands of Floridians now have power thanks to Langdale utility poles, Hugh Rowe says, "It wasn't a big deal. Just work long hours and do more things."

Several more loads are scheduled to make their way into Florida later Thursday. Langdale officials say Wauchula, Florida, located about 60 miles southeast of Tampa, is one of the few areas still in desperate need of more utility poles to restore power.