Tallhassee's Newest Traffic Lights

New traffic lights have gone up in the past few months. At the intersection of Ocala Road and the entrance to the new Heritage Grove student housing complex new traffic lights are up and running.

Ebony Yarbrough, a FAMU student, says, "I think it's actually helpful because coming out here a few times, I've been scared to get into an accident."

Michael Gedlicka, an FSU student, adds, "It was hard driving in here, and I've almost been hit a couple of times."

Alan Otley with Tallahassee's Transportation Management Center says it takes more than just a few accidents to justify lights going up at a certain intersection.

Alan Otley adds, "It's just a matter of which is the worst one, so the one you may happen to go by and happen to see a couple of accidents may not be the worst one because of the limited funds. What we do is prioritize and take the worst cases and go from there."

Otley says the traffic volume is another factor which goes into determining where the lights will go.

Otley says, "There could be some intersections that have few accidents but not as much volume, and on the other hand one that has volume and not many accidents. You want signalize those which look like the worst case."

Some of the intersections where traffic lights have gone up in the past six months are areas where the number of accidents and/or traffic volume warranted their placement.

Otley says as Tallahassee's population grows the need for more traffic lights will surely increase. Otley estimates there are close to 300 signalized intersections throughout Leon County, with at least five or six added each year.