"Weapons at School, Not Cool"

Schools in Leon County are rounding out their first two weeks of a new semester, which includes remedial reading, math and going over the county's policy on weapons in school.

A student flick is sending out a message. Across Leon County, students are starting a new school year watching the video called Weapons at School, Not Cool.

DEP Tom Hildabrandt, School Resource Officer, says, "Leon County doesn't have a big problem with weapons in school thanks to programs like this video, helps carry on the tradition."

It’s passing the torch of safe schools by pressing play. The video was written by school resource officers and brought to life by local students.

"Zero tolerance policy in Leon County. Consequences are arrest and expulsion from school, not suspension, expelled," adds DEP Hildabrandt.

School resource officers hope watching the video will keep kids from making that mistake and sway students to speak up about school violence. The video starred student actors from several Leon County middle and high schools. It was filmed in Tallahassee.