Cabbies to Be Drug Tested?

As it stands now, for someone to operate what's called a "vehicle for hire", applicants are subject to only a criminal and driving background check.

The city has new ordinance to include a drug test in that background check. The city says it's all about safety.

Jim English says, "It was citizen generated through some commissioners. They said they were really concerned about taxi cab drivers. Sometimes you don't have a choice with cabs, you just take the first one in the cue."

Other taxi companies are already drug testing drivers and say every company should.

Kessla Stanley says, "I think it's a great idea. You don't know who's driving and accidents happen all the time."

Sessaly Rose Transit does the tests because it opens more doors and makes customers comfortable.

"Anyone who drives for Medicaid must be in compliance, but it makes them more confident in the transportation," adds Kessla.

The city says the ordinance is not an infringement on the drivers’ rights because, "It's not a right to drive a cab, it’s a privilege to drive a cab," says Jim English.