On the Budget-Cutting Edge

In the 16 years she's been curator of the historic Lapham-Patterson house, Cheryl Walters says state funding has slowly been shrinking.

"We can't do as many programs. We are extremely short staffed," she says.

Walters says until now the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has pulled through without closing down any historic sites, something DNR officials say they're considering a bit more seriously this year.

Cheryl adds, "We'll cross all the bridges when we get to them. I think this is a very important building. It's one of a kind and I think the public should be able to see it."

Thousands who visit Thomasville each year say their main attraction is its historic areas.

Paula Crosby says, "It's a place to learn and I know as far as my children go, they're grown, but the things they learned in school, there's a lot that isn't in the history books anymore."

DNR officials say closing down any historic sites and state parks is their last resort. They say no specific sites have been selected.