Tallahassee Murder Suspect Apprehended in Kansas City

U.S. marshals say 49-year-old Yusef Abdul Hakim surrendered peacefully Friday as he was apprehended in Kansas City, Missouri.

Friday morning Hakim was doing lawn maintenance work at a Kansas City cemetery when U.S. marshals cornered him. He is who police believe is responsible for the June slaying of 38-year-old Steven Victor. Victor's body was found lying in a driveway on Bonnie Drive covered with gunshot wounds.

Dylan Stewart, a Bonnie Drive resident, says, "It feels a lot safer. It's a huge sigh of relief. It's a nice neighborhood. You would never expect that to happen and it really shocked all of us."

Bonnie Drive resident Klara Hadley still remembers that early June morning.

Klara says, "Everybody was just in shock. People were going by taking their morning walk, the same ladies who go by every morning, and as they got here they saw the police and realized something had happened."

With the news of Hakim's capture, Hadley feels this chapter of Bonnie Drive's history is finally coming to a close.

Klara adds, "I'm relieved and I've been in prayer for the family and the killer as well, so I'm glad that it looks like there's going to be resolution to the whole thing."

TPD officials say Hakim is being held without bond in a Kansas City jail. Authorities say Hakim will eventually be brought back to face a first degree murder charge, although a date has not been given.