Boys and Girls Club

In an effort to show parents what goes on behind closed doors, program directors at the Thomas County Boys and Girls Club invited area children of all ages and their families in for the day for a glimpse of what they've been missing.

It's a place offering hundreds of playmates exciting games and learning.

“They have somewhere they can go that's safe. We have security; you don't have to worry about the outside, whatever's going on there. Everything's going on in here," said Program Director Ondrea Davis.

Many parents don't know there's an alternative to letting their kids out on the street. Saturday, all members, non-members and their families were welcome to check the club out.

Tyra Scott is one of the kids taking advantage of the open door day and says, “I'm just here to have fun and play with other people and have a good time!"

Volunteers say the club is more than just fun. Volunteers Kimberly Adams and Renata Young say, "We help them with homework and after that they have other opportunities to lead, achieve and succeed!"

Eight-year-old Quentin Young added, "We'll play for a while and then get our book bags and go to tutor and do our homework.”

Boys and Girls Club employees say their job is to set a positive example for the youngsters and to set the mold for healthy well-adjusted adults.

Boys and Girls Club Program Directors say membership is only $5 per child, per year! They welcome all children from the ages of six to 18.

For more information, call 229-228-5155.