Goombay Festival

It's about love and laughter, it's about brotherhood and togetherness, it's about movin' and groovin'. The Goombay Festival is back again for the 15th year on Rattler turf.

Festival Director Kori Scott said, “Goombay is a large festival, a parade and parties. It's just a good festive time.”

It’s a time when Florida A&M’s Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity reaches out to the community, showing folks how to have fun while raising money for schools on the southside of Tallahassee.

Member Austin Harris added, “Kids nowadays, we want them to have the tools they need to get the best education. That costs money.”

It’s money these fraternity brothers hope to raise through t-shirt sales and food sales. With the ultimate goal being a $5,000 donation for the children.

“We're trying to even the playing field, especially for those in elementary school because that's where it actually starts,” added Scott.

With a little love and a lot of action, the Goombay Festival hopes to even that playing field one step at a time. The money raised at the event will go directly to Oak Ridge and Leonard Wesson Elementary Schools in Tallahassee.