Republican National Convention

Democrat Zell Miller is the keynote speaker in the Republican National Convention that starts Monday in New York City. The party line defection has become the talk of the nation.

Zell Miller's support for a republican candidate may not be surprising for people who know him. The lifelong democrat has been called the “most conservative democrat in the Senate," by the Augusta Chronicle.

Georgia residents say it's not Zell that's changed. Resident Michelle Waide said, "I think he represents what the Democratic Party used to represent a long time ago."

Democrats still had a glimmer of hope that Zell would continue backing his own party. Now, they're wondering what happened.

Hillary Clinton said, "In Georgia he introduced John Kerry. He called him an authoritative war hero. He praised him for work he had done in the senate to try to get the budget balanced and to bring some fiscal sanity to Washington, so you'd have to ask him what happened."

Senator Zell Miller says this will be the first time he's voted for a republican for president, but he adds there's a reason.

Zell Miller added, “Because of the time that we live in is one reason in this dangerous time we need a strong commander in chief and I think George Bush is one of the strongest that you could possibly have.”

Miller is slated to speak at the convention on Wednesday during prime time. Some Georgia residents are calling on Zell Miller to switch to the Republican Party.