Happy 106th Birthday

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” You've probably heard the phrase, but is it really true? One area woman is living proof that apples add years to your life.

At the Gateway Baptist Church in Thomasville you'll find a melody of people, but if you look closely just a few pews back you'll find a unique gem by the name of Ruth Woods.

Friend Clara Holeman said, ”She loves to go on cruises. She likes to go on motorcycle rides.”

They're somewhat normal activities, but at her age there's nothing normal about it.

“I have a few days yet to go but I will be 106 years old,” said Ruth Woods.

The Chattanooga native was born in 1898. She worked 69 long years for the same furniture company and she attributes baskets of apples to her health.

“I never took a lunch break. I ate an apple a day and that was it,” added Ruth.

She also kept in shape, and it paid off. Just this year she won two gold medals in shot put and discus at the Senior Olympics, but some of her proudest moments have been spending time with loved ones and living over a century.

Ruth said, “I really do not suffer at all, so why not be happy?” declared Ruth.

Ruth will celebrate her 106th birthday with friends and family in Chattanooga, Tennessee on September 5.