Trial Underway

On November 13, 2002, Coy Evans burst into a duplex on Melody Circle in a quest for a cocaine fix is what his attorney told the jury Monday morning.

Evans' attorney says her client bought drugs on that street days earlier and had gone back for more. Coming up dry, she says Evans took CDs and jewelry and was met on the lawn by SGT Dale Green.

Willie Meggs, State Attorney, said, "You're going to hear the words out of Coy Evans' own mouth that when he came out the door he saw a policeman and the policeman said 'hello there' and he started shooting. He shot the policeman, he shot him, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, until he was dead and then he shot him some more."

The state said Green was shot six times that night and at least one of those shots was fired after the veteran officer was down.

The defense admits Evans did pull the trigger, but tried to convince jurors it all happened too fast to find him guilty of murder in the first degree.

Inez Suber, Coy Evans' attorney, said, "In the flinch of a second, he panicked. In 2.5 seconds, six shots were discharged, six shots were fired."