Whopping Numbers

"I think it's important for every citizen to vote” is the attitude that has once again made Leon County the shining star in Florida when it comes to running an election.

Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho says, "We've had a record number of individuals register to vote in Leon County where over 155,000 have registered and that will only increase as we get closer to November 2."

That number of 155,000 shatters the numbers from years before, but it doesn't stop there.

"We've also broken the record for requested absentee ballots by mail," adds Sancho.

The Supervisor of Elections Office says the state is expecting a 20 percent turn out, but in Leon County the turnout is expected to be at least 40 percent

"It's really heart warming because it means our voters really understand they have to fight for their right to democracy and they're doing that with the ballot," says Sancho.

It’s allowing Leon County the right to say "we're number one."