Show Me the Money

At the Big Bend Workforce Center, you'll find many jobseekers who say a wage hike is long overdue.

Ephram Hagins says, “With the rate of inflation, $5.15 doesn't pay the bills. It's just below the poverty level.”

Several workers are only making minimum wage or a sliver more in the Sunshine State. A handful of them can be found in food services, such as Myra Jean’s restaurant in Wakulla County.

Jacqueline Grimm, a restaurant server, says, "It's hard for people to pay bills at $5.15 an hour. It would help the economy a lot."

Jacqueline's co-workers agree. They feel a wage increase is needed in Florida and they're not alone. A recent poll shows 73 percent favor a wage increase.

Twenty one percent are opposed, many of which are managerial types who fear an increase will have a domino effect on their finances.

Butch Nutting says, "If minimum wage goes up, everything we sell has to go up because we have to increase up the ladder to keep it fair."

While Nutting contemplates the financial consequence of the measure, his employees tease him, saying they'd rather pay more for a meal if it means taking home a bigger paycheck.