Pit Bull Parade Draws Hundreds

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He's known to many as a home town hero and a professional athlete... but today he's known as an animal lover.

"It's a different kind of love. I mean I've got love for my mom. I've got love for my wife but all those loves are different than the love I have for a animal. It's almost like they're helpless and always so kind and gentle. And they're always so happy to see me, that's what I love about them," said Philadelphia Eagles line backer, Ernie Sims.

And he showed his love for animals by hosting his first pit bull Parade.

Sims recently joined the Philadelphia Eagles alongside quarter back Michael Vick who served time for dog fighting and he says he hopes to team up with Vick to help animals.

"I really want to get on the same page with him to assure the pit bull community that he really is trying to help our breed and what he did is in the past," Sims said.

And these athletes efforts aren't going unnoticed.

"I think it just lends some really positive support especially from a professional athlete like Ernie Sims," said Leon County Humane Society Executive Director, Sonya White.

"The chance to see something beyond the hype to see what's real and to see how these dogs behave amongst family. It's not all bad there's a lot of good that goes with it," said pit bull owner, Joanie Winchester.

With dozens of dogs and support from the community Sims says he hopes to bring events like this to the community for years to come.

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