Thomasville Salvation Army Announces New Fundraiser

Like its counterparts across the country, the Thomasville Salvation Army's services cover a wide range of circumstances.

William Collins, the fundraising planner, says, "We have a homeless shelter, we deal with folks in crisis, they help people to get their budget worked out."

Each Salvation Army branch donates a certain amount of money to a hurricane relief fund. The Thomasville branch is also planning new ways to help folks closer to home.

Salvation Army officials in Thomasville say if they had to personally help out every hurricane victim with their own money, their supplies might be exhausted within 10 minutes. All their new fundraisers will go to help people in this community, no matter what their financial or personal situation is.

Robert Green, Salvation Army commanding officer, says, "The need here isn't as great as it is in Atlanta or Macon, but the need is here nonetheless."

Salvation Army officials hope that by adding at least one more major fundraiser to their calendar this year they'll be able to feed, clothe and otherwise assist many more needy people in our area.

The Thomasville Salvation Army's first major fundraiser of the fall will be on Saturday, September 18. A dinner will be held at the Plaza Restaurant from 4 to 6 p.m. and an evening of entertainment will follow at the Municipal Auditorium.

For more information, call Ervin Brock at 229-228-5900.