Florida Braces for Another Hurricane

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First it was Tropical Storm Bonnie, then Hurricane Charley; now it's Hurricane Frances, which is on a projected path that could mean a rough Labor Day weekend.

The prospect of another powerful Category Four hurricane has many thinking of fleeing, stocking up on food and water and buying plywood and hardware to fortify their homes. State and federal emergency officials are getting ready to repeat a disaster response.

Frances is still several days from the U.S. mainland, but it winds are almost as strong as those in Charley, which slashed across the Florida peninsula August 13. Long-range projections show Frances possibly ramming the state's Atlantic Coast this weekend.

State officials worry about finding hotel rooms and shelters for people who may need to evacuate. Many hotel rooms in the southern half of the state are still occupied by people Charley left homeless and emergency workers from other states. Charley also damaged some schools and community centers that had been used as shelters.