Gas Tax Holiday Ends

At the stroke of midnight a sad reality will be cast on drivers across Florida. The gas tax holiday will come to a close, forcing folks to ante-up again when they visit the pump.

For Lori Brown, every penny counts when traveling cross country. The Seminole mom just dropped her daughter off at school and is filling up before heading home to Maine. Her surprise was shared by thousands of Floridians in August as they enjoyed a tax break at the pump.

Brenda Smith, AAA Assistant Manager, says, “Floridians saved almost 11 cents a gallon, so we've definitely seen the full benefits of the gas relief.”

All good things must come to an end; Smith says folks should expect a gas rise by the week's end. Analysts are unsure how much that rise will be, but they do say you'll likely feel twice the pinch at the pump with an upcoming holiday.

Labor Day is just around the corner and analysts say that's when folks usually hop in the car for one last road trip.

Ryan McCranie, a motorist, says, “Yes, I'm going to Orlando, so I guess it will be more expensive when I fill up, but oh well.”

It’s a common feeling among motorists as they're forced to dig deeper in their pockets once again. You may not see higher pump prices for a few days. Gas retailers are required to sell off any remaining inventory at the pre-tax price until they run out.