Moms Against Illiteracy

A literacy program is stressing the importance of parental involvement at home no matter how young the child is, with a goal of giving toddlers a head start to a brighter educational future.

Encouraging kids to learn basic educational skills early can make a world of difference. At Mu-Dear Day Care Center and Pre-School, children are not just being babysat; staff members also focus on education including writing and even sign language.

"I found out they can learn so early and they get excited about other kids learning," day care owner Dr. Donnell Carley says.

Mary Williams, the guardian of her grandchild, adds, "It's exciting that they offer something that gives the child the whole round of learning. It's not just coming to color, but they're actually taught something to be of value. When they go into first grade they should be equipped with everything they need."

Early innovation is what Tuesday's Mom Literacy Day was all about. Moms were told to encourage the same activity at home, more particularly, teaching their children the importance of reading.

U.S. Cong. Sanford Bishop took time out of his busy schedule to visit children in Thomasville, he says hopefully to be voice that inspires their young minds.

Rep. Sanford Bishop, (D) Georgia, says, "Kids emulate what they see adults do. If adults are reading and we read to kids and with them I think they will pick up the habit also."

Dr. Donnell Carley adds, "We're placing emphasizes on reading all across the nation following the president, governors, local dignitaries and School Board seeing that no child is left behind."

Carley says it’s a responsibility that is not just the school systems’. Parents also play a significant role in jumpstarting a child's education, fostering lifelong learners.

Tuesday’s Mom Literacy Day at Mu-Dear Day Care is the first in a series of five programs to encourage early learning initiatives. Mentor programs are in the beginning stages there as well.