Testimony Begins in Evans Murder Trial

For the first time we heard from the two young women inside the house that night who were still cowering inside a bathroom when the fatal shots were fired.

Nettkya Koseph, a victim, said, "He yelled ‘get on the ground’ like he meant business. He said it with the gun."

Nettkya Joseph broke down in tears as she described the November night when a man with a gun burst into her home, forced her and her roommate to lie beneath a blanket in the bathroom and ransacked their home looking for drugs.

Toneka Junious, also a victim, added, "I was afraid we were going to die that night."

Evans’ attorney pointed out that there was some marijuana in the home that night and one of the roommate's boyfriends had a previous arrest for selling drugs.

Also on the stand were the officers who responded to the robbery call with SGT Green. They described hearing rapid gunfire as they surrounded the house.

Bartell Clemons, a Tallahassee police officer, said, "Then I proceeded to call SGT Green and he wasn't responding."

At that time he was running to find SGT Green on the ground, face up, eyes open and already dead.

Evans' lawyer spent a lot of time questioning the officers and the young women about lighting outside the duplex. She has already said Evans fired the fatal shots, but contends they were fired in darkness and panic and not meant to kill SGT Green.