West Nile Virus in Gadsden County

The Gadsden County Health Department announces a 50-year-old Gadsden County man has contracted the West Nile virus.

Maximo Martinez says, "I don't know how he found out, but I would suspect that he was going through the symptoms; headaches, fevers, fatigue, drowsiness and feeling weak."

Macarthur Dunn has been director of Mosquito Control in Gadsden County for 10 years and recalls when two horses contracted the West Nile virus in 2001. He says he was notified immediately when the human case was discovered.

Macarthur says, "The Health Department notified me and said it was a possible West Nile, so I went ahead and sprayed the area."

The West Nile virus is a mosquito-born virus commonly found in Africa, West Asia, the Middle East and recently in the U.S.

Macarthur adds, "It shocks me because we haven't really had any indication."

By indication, Dunn means that there haven't been any recent reports of dead birds, especially crows, in the area. Dead birds are a warning sign of West Nile, and that's why he thinks the gentleman did not contract the virus in Gadsden County, but rather during his travels.