TFD at Federal Courthouse:UPATE

UPDATED 7.16.2010 12:15pm by Julie Montanaro

U.S. Marshals Service Spokesman Scott Wilson says there were no toxins detected in tests on a suspicious letter Thursday.

Wilson says the letter was from a Florida prison inmate and it was addressed to the District Clerk, but it raised suspicion because of a strong, strange odor that couldn't be identified.

Wilson said the letter contained a legitimate civil court filing, so the letter was scanned and then destroyed.

The worker who opened the letter was checked out at the hospital and released.


U.S. Marshals Service Spokesman Scott Wilson says so far all tests conducted on the letter by the Haz Mat team have turned up negative.

Wilson says as a precaution, the person who opened the letter has been sent to the hospital for evaluation.

Wilson says the letter had an unusual odor.
UPDATED 4:20pm by Julie Montanaro

U.S. Marshals confirm that haz mat crews are on scene to investigate a suspicious letter.

Spokesman Scott Wilson says the letter arrived with the incoming mail and U.S. Marshals called in the Tallahassee Fire Department's Haz Mat Team to investigate further.

Wilson says that team is now running some routine tests on the letter.
He says he could not comment on why it was considered suspicious.

Wilson says none of the courthouse employees was evacuated.

We'll bring you more information as soon as we can.
WCTV has confirmed that the Tallahassee Fire Department is at the Federal Courthouse.

TFD says something is going on, but they did not have any details to report as of right now.

Possible Hazmat is on the scene as well.

We have a reporter on the scene and will bring you more detailed information as it becomes available.

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