Primary Elections Wrap

It was a very political Tuesday night with the Republicans making their case in New York and voters making all sorts of decisions in the Florida primary. How did voting day go in the face of months of doomsday predictions?

Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood feels pretty good about this election; no major reports of problems, even though some critics have been forecasting gloom and doom for months.

Glenda Hood says, “The bottom line is everything went very smoothly today. The poll workers were well-trained, the staff was very professional.”

There were scattered reports of voters who couldn’t find their polling place, one report of poll workers who forgot to get the keys from the pastor to open a church, and a few counties where voters said they felt intimidated by a police presence at the polls.

Doug Towne says he didn’t hear any complaints from the disability community. Towne is blind and he manned a hotline for people with disabilities.

Doug says, “I was there to take any calls related to disability access or polling place access, and we got absolutely no calls.”

The secretary of state says voters should feel confident Florida passed the test, but she knows there is even more at stake in November.