The Stress of Election Night

The stress of running a campaign can take its toll.

Kevin Kjellerup says, "The most nerve-racking part is sitting here waiting for the numbers to come in."

But the potential spike in blood pressure didn't stop these candidates.

Ed DePuy adds, "On the last day the clock slows down and you ask yourself, did I do everything?"

Not only do candidates have to come up with hundreds of signs, literature about themselves, keep up with campaign financing, they also manage to get out and wave to voters.

Tony Grippa says, "I think people like to see you working. I'm tired and nervous, but happy it’s almost over. "

While all the candidates say they want to win their races, August 31 does bring some relief because for most it's over, one way or another.

Ed DePuy says, "You want to make sure your message got out and today’s the day you find out if it did."