Woodham Loses Bid for Gadsden County Commission Seat

One of the most anticipated races was that of County Commissioner in District 1.

W. A. Woodham, who's been the sheriff in Gadsden County for more than 34 years, has opted not to seek another term, but rather he was vying for the county commission seat held by the late Bill McGill.

Supporters for several local candidates in Gadsden County lined the streets in Quincy to rally final support for their candidates.

In Havana we caught up with County Commissioner District 1 candidate Eugene Lamb, who decided to stand with his constituents waving to passing motorist. Lamb seemed optimistic about the race.

“I feel good about this election because I feel I have done my homework and once you do your homework you leave it up to the voters and let them make the decision. Whatever decision they make I'm satisfied,” Lamb shares.

Lamb and Sheriff W.A. Woodham are vying for the seat held by the late Bill McGill. Woodham, who had been trailing Lamb in the polls, say voters will ultimately decide what's best for the county.

"It was a good clean race. Gene Lamb is a nice guy. If he were to prevail I'd be for Gene Lamb against the next opponent. If he wanted my help hopefully he'd be for me we've been friends for years,” Woodham explains.

When the final votes were tallied, Lamb won by 14-percent. Now, he faces Auborn Ford in the general election. We spoke to Eugene Lamb after the results were tallied and he says he's ready to do what's best for the county to make it a better place to live, and he wanted to thank Woodham for running a good clean race.

Woodham said he's not sure what he'll do, but says he's willing to help Lamb win in the November election.