Proctor Ethics Hearing

There was another round in court Wednesday for Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor, who has been ordered to pay fines stemming from irregularities in a 1998 county commission race.

Proctor is being asked to pay thousands of dollars in fines.

"I've been gang raped by the Florida State Elections Commission. This is a prison gang rape," says Proctor.

Following a court hearing Wednesday morning, Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor says the amount of money the Florida Elections Commission wants him to pay is unfair.

Proctor adds, "I'm to pay multiple thousands of dollars for the way in which my campaign was conducted in 1998."

The FEC is asking Proctor to pay more than $200,000 in fines for a number of campaign finance laws the commission says Proctor violated in that 98 election.

"It's way more money than my campaign raised. It's unfair and it is totally biased," says Proctor.

Attorney Eric Lipman, representing the FEC, says the commission is not allowed to comment on cases which are ongoing. The Florida Elections Commission will file a final judgment in the matter, outlining the total amount due including legal fees up to this point within the next week or so. Commissioner Proctor has the right to appeal.