New Jobs in Thomasville

There is some good news for folks who may be on the hunt for employment in the Rose City; a boost in the economy is imminent as a home manufacturing company based in Thomasville is looking to expand.

Stewart Park Homes, a manufacturing company, is in need of manpower. The company has plans to expand its market and is bringing aboard about 100 new workers.

Lucas Stewart, the president of Park Homes, says, "Now, we just build park models. We're also going to build modular units and also some panelized housing, so it's going to allow us to branch in other areas of business."

For Leverne Lilly, the news couldn't come at a better time.

Leverne says, "I recently just got laid off from Avid Lake and I used to work here for their guys before. Whenever I need a job most the time I can come here."

Job security is promising in the industry after the disasters of Hurricane Charley orders have been coming in by the dozens, but it's more than the effects of natural disasters that has contributed to Stewart Park Homes, tripling its business. Another boost in the industry comes at a time when baby boomers are at buying age.

Lucas adds, "About 16 million baby boomers will be entering in our market by 2006, so the industry has seen about a 22 percent increase this year."

The new jobs will compliment an already growing workforce in Thomasville, and Lilly is keeping his fingers crossed for a call back. Hopefully an opportunity to do so and be successful is within his reach.

The company is hiring all positions from production to sales immediately. The company ships homes all over the U.S. and may possibly add another location in the west.