Emergency Operations for Frances

With memories of Hurricane Charley's destruction still fresh, it's hard to believe Florida could be facing a bigger blow.

Rob McDaniel says, "Worry not only about needs of victims, but response teams that are tired, already having to revamp for Francis."

Hurricane Francis is on the minds of many at the state Emergency Operations Center, shifting plans into high gear.

Craig Fugate, director of Florida Emergency Management, says, "[We’re] not waiting for last minute to find resources."

Francis is already fueling fears. Described as strong as Charley, but bigger, it's causing widespread panic and pinning down a pattern is part of the problem.

Gov. Jeb Bush says, "Don't know where it is going to hit, but it is time to be prepared."

Officials urge residents to have a plan in place and know where you are going if the time comes to evacuate.